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About Our Brand

Quality and Innovation. Two things we stand for above all else.


Why quality first when our name is “Feline Innovations”? Because it provides the foundation for a great product. Without it, nothing else matters.

We select all of the materials we use carefully, so that our products are beautiful, robust, and safe. We want you, the customer, to be satisfied with every aspect of our products.



But we didn’t come to make the same products as everybody else, even at a higher quality. Since our founding in 2015, we’ve made it our mission to stay a cut above the rest by maintaining strict standards for our designs – approaching the most in-demand cat products in new ways to address the most pressing issues for cat owners and produce the most unique, creative products on the market.

So please join us as we embark upon a journey to revolutionize the pet products space – one “feline innovation” at a time!

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